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CJ Jackson

Chef CEO Billingsgate Seafood School.

If you were to ask a person to describe CJ Jackson to you, it is highly likely that the words ‘powerhouse’ or ‘dynamic’ would be used. As the CEO of the Billingsgate Seafood School since 2005; previous vice-principal of Leith’s School of Food and Wine; author of the Leith’s Fish Bible and Billingsgate Market Cookbook; not to mention a guest on numerous television programmes; CJ has been a tireless face of cooking seafood.

CJ trained as a chef, and went onto teach and travel the globe, before joining the staff at the prestigious Leith’s School of Food and Wine in 1989. “Each teacher was encouraged to have a ‘specialist’ subject and mine automatically became fish and seafood, so I put a proposal forward to co-author the Leith’s Fish Bible”. In 1995, CJ became the vice-principals of Leith’s, before moving onto product development for M&S, and further cookery writing.

CJ returns to Portsmouth Seafood Festival 2018 and will be hosting our seafood stage along with our colleague Ron from Billingsgate Fish Market and will be joined by a fabulous line up of local chef’s from the local and national scene.

Be sure to pop back later this week to see our full line up!

Mike Warner

Mike writes on all aspects of the commercial UK fishing industry and travels the UK talking to fishermen and producers about the diversity of fish and shellfish landed. He then takes their stories and reproduces them in a consumer-facing way, to better educate, inform and enthuse. He regularly goes to sea with fishermen, as he views reporting from the ‘coal face’ as critically important to the integrity of the story. Mike also fishes himself, seasonally, for lobster aboard his boat ‘Avocet’ on the Suffolk coast.

He writes technical, creative and PR copy for commercial fishing and food/lifestyle publications and is a regular features contributor to Country Life magazine. Mike has a particular interest in the Under 10 metre, inshore fishing fleet and champions its economic importance, heritage and sustainability in fishing communities countrywide. He also conducts bespoke tours and experience days for interested parties and stakeholders to fishing ports and markets around the UK, where they get to ’meet the fishermen’ and are shown the ‘net to plate’ story and the work involved in the sustainable harvesting of our seas.

Mike works closely with producers, chefs, restaurants, hospitality businesses, NGO’s and media agencies in improving knowledge and understanding of how seafood is produced, so they can be better and more reliably informed when making choices on purchasing/procuring product. Clients and associates include Cafe Spice Namaste, Randall & Aubin, the Rick Stein Group, Billingsgate Seafood School and Westminster Kingsway College. This consultancy business is now recognised countrywide and has allowed him to build up an extensive network of contacts within the fishing industry.

His blog ‘A Passion for Seafood’ has twice been shortlisted for the Guild of Food Writers, Best Food Blog in 2016/17. Mike is a Patron of the National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow, a Trustee of the charity Fishing Into The Future and Project and Business Development Consultant to the Shellfish Association of Gt Britain. He is also an active member of the Guild of Food Writers and a Board member of the Eastern Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority.

Mike is also a passionate seafood cook and creates his own recipes and demonstrates regularly at food shows and masterclasses. He also speaks extensively at various events about seafood sustainability and traceability.

The Crabstock Boys …

Adrian Bartlett & Andy Hunting

Adrian Bartlett started fishing in 1987, starting as a deckhand then working his way up to skipper on Crabbing boats or potters based in Kingswear South Devon. Adrian has fished for Edible brown crabs and native lobster all around the UK coast but mainly built his crabbing career in the English Channel in the tidal waters North of Alderney (Channel Islands) on various boats and for various owners. After working in the industry for 25 years and being passionate about the UK Seafish Industry, an opportunity arose where he could share his knowledge and passion with the UK public and chefs to show how good UK Shellfish is to eat and how easy it is to pick a crab without fear and it was this passion and knowledge that was the inspiration for the Crabstock Festivals of which Adrian & Andy are Partners – & known as the “Crabstock Boys”

Andy Hunting has always been passionate about food, growing up on hearty stews and glorious puddings which in Andy’s eyes are real comfort food… and after his mother sadly passed away he decided to write a blog called “Andys Kitchen” in February 2010 to keep some of her recipes alive, and for a place, for him to post some of his culinary ideas.

Years later and his blog is now one of the most popular in the UK, and features recipes, competitions, reviews and much more.

Having met Adrian Bartlett at a food festival a few years ago, “Crabstock Festivals Ltd” was created and now you can find The Crabstock Boys demoing up and down the UK at various festivals.

Andy uses local and sustainable food as much as he can, and will be showing you that there is no need to be frightened of cooking seafood and shellfish with some great recipes, using some of the best produce in the UK waters.

Both Adi & Andy are delighted and excited to be part of the Portsmouth Seafood Festival 2018 and you can catch them both days on the Stoves UK Seafood Stage (see our demo line up)

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